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Sleepless in Singapore

Posted by daddy leon On January - 30 - 20111 COMMENT

The night went by as we expected… with Natalie waking every other hour.. haha. At least it was nothing we didn’t expect.
Mummy was awesome as she took the late night cries in her stride and nursed Natalie assuredly and confidently. A lot of the battle is won in the attitude, and seeing my wife (who loves sleep more than anyone else I know) in action last night made me very sure that the attitude is spot on. :)

Smiling for the camera

Hello Daddy!

Hello Mummy!

A new chapter begins

Posted by daddy leon On January - 29 - 20111 COMMENT

Today we welcome Natalie back home.

May the Lord bless this little household with many happy memories together.. :)

Getting ready to bring Natalie home

A present for Nathaniel from Natalie

Natalie sleeping on her bed for the first time..

Hello World v2

Posted by daddy leon On January - 27 - 20113 COMMENTS

Natalie has arrived!

God is indeed good as He has blessed us with an absolutely undramatic birth experience albeit 2 weeks early.  Everything was very calm and composed as we made our way to the hospital in the morning, 3 hours after her waters broke.  I even got time to finish watching the liverpool fulham match! :)

The whole experience was as breathtaking as when Nathaniel arrived, not a single bit adulterated.  It seemed like I knew Natalie for a long time, the only difference is that I can now put a face to to the name.  A petite and pretty little lady I must say!

Thank You Lord for demonstrating the power of your love and once again, the miracle of life.

Thank you all for your well wishes and prayers.

We now look forward to a brave new world of parenting 2 children and boy are we pumped!

Natalie has arrived!

Home Photoshoots

Posted by daddy leon On January - 27 - 2011Comments Off

My wife politely informed me that there wasn’t enough photos of her during this pregnancy…
camera on the tripod, shutter on timer and we enjoyed some spontaneous/posed shots.

Role Model

Posted by daddy leon On January - 25 - 20111 COMMENT

In about 2 weeks, I will be a proud father of 2. Just like the first time, it’s both exciting and humbling that I will have one more family member in the household very soon. I started to recall all the moments with a new born Nathaniel and found myself reminiscing with pride as I flipped through his photos and our blog posts about him when he was a newborn.

This prompted me to revive this blog, and capture the moments that have flown past much faster than we would have liked them to…

Indeed, how time flies… Would never imagine that Nathaniel would be the big brother now and hopefully a good role model for Natalie.

Role model

Role model.. :)

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