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Yakult Man

Posted by daddy leon On October - 25 - 200713 COMMENTS

Spent wee hours of morning watching yet another abysmal performance by Liverpool.  I think being a Liverpool fan, it has really taught and challenged the meaning of being faithful.  At this rate, it would be hard to convince Nathaniel to support the reds..

Nat: Daddy, why Liverpool always lose? I want to support M* instead.
me: noooooooooooooooooooooooooo…. *slap my self awake from the nightmare*

Feeling lousy, upset, frustrated, angry (collectively known as the liverpool supporter syndrome), I crept back into bed, so as not to wake the wife but she has been “well trained” to wake up for just that one second to ask me about the match.  However tonight she caught me by surprise by asking:

wife: Have you finished delivering the Yakult?
me: HUH???!!!!???!!!

Hahaha, I broke into a hearty uncontrollable laughter. WHERE DID THAT COME FROM?? YAKULT??

Liverpool supporter syndrome gone. 

You are my sunshine

Posted by daddy leon On October - 12 - 20071 COMMENT

To my best friend, my soul mate, my sunshine, my wife..
Happy and Blessed Birthday.


Posted by daddy leon On October - 8 - 20074 COMMENTS

It was just a week ago that we measured 84cm.

Happy Laundry Day

Posted by daddy leon On October - 8 - 20074 COMMENTS


We never had so much fun washing and drying clothes as we did with Nat’s clothes. We both smiled as we folded the tiny pieces of clothing.. soon, our boy is going to fill these clothes.

Wait.. need to iron??

now we wait

Posted by daddy leon On October - 6 - 20076 COMMENTS


I think we are ready logistically.. now we wait for the real test..

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