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almost a month

Posted by daddy leon On December - 3 - 20073 COMMENTS

Time flies and Nathaniel will soon be a month old. People tell us he looks different now, but I can’t really see the difference to be honest.. to me, its the same adorable face with many expressions (plus abit more fat) keke. He is visibly longer now though, that I can tell because he is slowly spanning the whole breadth of his cot! He is much more awake now (and I thought babies usually sleep the whole time). We have designated nap times for him, but sometimes he chooses to be awake and alert, looking around and entertaining himself. He looks much more alert now as though he is trying to understand this whole new world that is unfolding more visibly in front of him. Nathaniel packs a good kick now, I realised that as I was trying to kiss his feet. Did I mention he also wails much louder now?

Our estate is undergoing upgrading, and that means incessant drilling the whole day, poor mummy and baby have to nap through all the din (which they do quite well I must say). But i guess its good as well, as Nat can distinguish between day and night.. I hope.

Stop the drilling!

Booger and a mail

Posted by daddy leon On November - 27 - 2007Comments Off

When we first saw pi sai in Nat’s tiny nostril, we wondered how on earth were we going to dig that booger out. He was breathing audibly, perhaps more to our discomfort than to his. And when we finally removed it, i guess it was more shiok for us than it was for him too..haha.
I never knew digging pi sai for someone else can be so gratifying.. keke.

yay! Booger removed!

And thanks to domesticrat, Nathaniel has his first mail! :D

14 days

Posted by daddy leon On November - 22 - 20077 COMMENTS

Our little baby is 14 days old today.

Im Growing!

Posted by daddy leon On November - 19 - 200710 COMMENTS

Nathaniel has regained his birth weight and beyond. It is most comforting as parents to know your child is feeding well. In fact, we think he is going through a growth spurt now as he is fussier these 2 days and requires more feeding sessions than before. Nathaniel has a nice belly button now that his cord stump has fallen off, we were just joking that we going to keep it as a family heirloom, or display it like how the eunuchs display their erm.. pride.. keke.

Don’t you agree that he looks chubbier now. :D


Posted by daddy leon On November - 14 - 20077 COMMENTS

Nathaniel has this look of contentment after nursing which never failed to make us smile.. I managed to catch a shot of that look.
(check out his dimple too!)

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