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Its been awhile

Posted by daddy leon On October - 12 - 20091 COMMENT

Time flies too fast with a toddler in tow.  The past month saw the whole family (minus Kaizer) fall prey to an irritating flu bug.  The haze and the incense burning bin beneath my window did not help at all.  Work was piling up as well..  To make things worse, SingTel won the EPL broadcast rights!

We recovered one by one and in no time, we were back to the normalcy of our lives.  As soon as Nathaniel recovered from his flu, it was as though he was bent on making up for the lost playing time  while he was sick.  He became unusually hyperactive, started eating almost anything and everything shoved into his mouth.  And to my absoulute delight, he felt the time was right to call me “PAPA”!  I almost lau bak sai!


Its also perhaps time to cut his hair!

11oct09-nat1 haha, check out his hair!

Music to my ears

Posted by daddy leon On September - 8 - 20098 COMMENTS

I have a silent wish that Nathaniel will be an accomplished musician when he grows up… keke.

What do you see?

Posted by daddy leon On August - 11 - 20094 COMMENTS

As our nation asks us this question this year, I have all my answers. :)



Its Another Year

Posted by daddy leon On July - 26 - 20097 COMMENTS

This week, my household celebrated 2 birthdays.  I’m 31 and kaizer is 56.  And Nathaniel is there to celebrate with us. Here’s to another year of love, peace joy and premier league action (no more champions league though)!

Nathaniel serving Kaizer his birthday treat. This time he could hold the tub for our silly dog, unlike the previous year.


Gerrard and Torres! (kidding!)

A boy and his dog

Posted by daddy leon On July - 19 - 20094 COMMENTS

Papa:  Nathaniel, go stand next to Kaizer.  Papa wants to take a photo of the both of you.


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