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Yakult Man

Posted by daddy leon On October - 25 - 2007

Spent wee hours of morning watching yet another abysmal performance by Liverpool.  I think being a Liverpool fan, it has really taught and challenged the meaning of being faithful.  At this rate, it would be hard to convince Nathaniel to support the reds..

Nat: Daddy, why Liverpool always lose? I want to support M* instead.
me: noooooooooooooooooooooooooo…. *slap my self awake from the nightmare*

Feeling lousy, upset, frustrated, angry (collectively known as the liverpool supporter syndrome), I crept back into bed, so as not to wake the wife but she has been “well trained” to wake up for just that one second to ask me about the match.  However tonight she caught me by surprise by asking:

wife: Have you finished delivering the Yakult?
me: HUH???!!!!???!!!

Hahaha, I broke into a hearty uncontrollable laughter. WHERE DID THAT COME FROM?? YAKULT??

Liverpool supporter syndrome gone. 

13 Responses to “Yakult Man”

  1. visinv says:

    Erm… I still don’t get the Yakult link…..

    Why not MU?!?!?! I am certain there are few people would welcome him on board!!! :-P

    Fun day it would be when Pool meets MU…. hehehehe…

  2. daddy leon leon says:

    precisely, i didnt get the yakult link too..

  3. mrs tehpeng says:

    Hahah I don’t know too!!!

  4. stella says:

    sorry for this impromptu note. popped by from yvonne’s blog.

    mrs tehpeng: you are damn cute lah u. yakult??!

  5. daddy leon leon says:

    haha, its ok, everyone pops over from yvonne’s blog.

  6. lish© says:

    I didn’t pop over. I read hers, then I read yours.

    And Yakult? I must ask , was Von dreaming that you worked part time as a Yakult lady? *hehe*

    You shd hv asked Cocoa to help u cheer liverpool on. That said, maybe they didn’t eat enough stirfry liver…

  7. jx says:

    HAHAHA .. you have my address? .. i wanna place order of a packet every week…

  8. starsapphire says:

    Yes me too pls… u know my address…. LOL!

  9. GreenTea says:

    Haha… yakult delivery man, make that 3 delivery a day. LOL!

  10. dr says:

    perhaps lil nat wants to drink yakult!!!

  11. heibao says:

    How much Yakult pay you per month for publicity?

  12. unpolished gem says:

    i totally understand the LSS! jon was suffering from that too…. and kept going on that the coach is in denial. *shakes head*

    i’m going to share your greatest nightmare with jon when he comes back and i’m sure he’ll feel for you, leon!

  13. silver_crv says:

    totally agreed with you… i think i lost my sleep that morning…
    tomorrow another tough game… let hope for the best… pray*

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