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Loving Melbourne

Posted by daddy leon On December - 15 - 2008

It was great. Perfect.



Now to sort out the photos..

10 Responses to “Loving Melbourne”

  1. Green Tea says:

    Nat’s hair grow long so fast! Waiting for more pics :-)

    Green Tea

  2. Silver_crv says:


  3. foleon eyeh says:

    Lovely boy

  4. Shutterbug says:

    wah liao…!!!

    he looks like a MORE-DOU ahh!
    *quick! get the creative editors from Parenthood, Kidz & OshGosh to book him for shoots liao!*

    Welcome back you guys! :D

  5. yuling says:

    You have a pin-up boy here! Super handsome, super charming!

  6. caipor says:

    i think the one of nat on the beach smiling is fantastic! yveon should consider sending him for some starlet audition/photoshoot. he’s got a great smile and overflowing with potential.

  7. [...] think of a way to upload the pictures without killing bandwidth.. Haha. Meanwhile he posted a few here and [...]

  8. D says:

    oh my! Nat’s growing up fast! such a handsome boy! :)

  9. Brenda says:

    The first pic of Nat looks exactly like YOU! (=

  10. daddy leon leon says:

    Thanks for all the compliments!

    Brenda:: haha, sometimes I do get a shock when i look at him..

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