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Posted by daddy leon On November - 12 - 2008

In spite of the fact that I have to wear green for this 3 weeks, I am thankful that I am able to come home each night to see my boy as my unit works on a shift system. 

Its been 4 days since his birthday and almost magically, he has become our BIG boy!  We are letting him walk in the shopping centres on his own (today he walked United Square and selected the rides he wanted to take, and the books he wanted daddy to read to him).  And finally he has also begun nodding his head instead of shaking it all the time.  He roams the house freely now and is the busiest person at home.  At the end of each day, he is usually drenched with perspiration before he takes a bath and is drenched with perspiration again soon after the bath.  There is simply no stopping this boy exploring from room to room and from remote control to remote control.

Try spotting the inevitable bruises on his face in the 2 photos below..

Daddy had to get this pyjamas.


I love the second photo so much that I did a large print of it..

Larger than Life!

11 Responses to “Inevitability”

  1. 12.11.08 says:

    [...] Almost like a big boy, daddy says . [...]

  2. Su-Lin says:

    Gosh! He is such a big boy now…gee..He’s quite a ‘looker’..I must say…

  3. gugu nanie says:

    Love his PJs!!

  4. Silver_crv says:

    i lov that shot too!! nice print!

  5. Green Tea says:

    Nat got bruised from all his exploring ah? Poor boy…

  6. lydia says:

    ahyooooo why he so cute!!

  7. Candice says:

    woah, that IS large!!

  8. yue says:

    may i know how u managed to create that large print of nathaniel? (:

    anyway, nathaniel is such a cute boy!

  9. daddy leon daddy leon says:

    yue:: Hi the print is actually A1 size. I printed it at a shop on the third level of queensway shopping centre. Not a photo lab but a small company that prints mostly banners. the frame i bought from where else but ikea.

    green tea:: yeah, poor boy, but the bruises disappear very quickly and he is usually back to his bulldozing ways very soon.

    gugu nanie:: yeah, i realised we like buying pjs for him. We are usually very amused by him emerging from his room after a bath in colourful PJs and a disarming, cheeky smile.

    su-lin:: thanks!

  10. yue says:

    thank u so much! :)

  11. lish© says:

    I love the PJ pix, as his expression is so charming!

    And for the bruises… one on the forehead, one on the cheek?

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