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Walk On Video

Posted by daddy leon On October - 17 - 2008

Did a clip of Nathaniel walking.  He is pretty much doing this everyday now actually… Enjoy this clip starring Nathaniel and Kaizer as the official calefare!

8 Responses to “Walk On Video”

  1. [...] put together a video of our boy walking around at home (what he has been doing at home¬†thus rendering him a very tired boy at the end of the day…) [...]

  2. pei fen says:

    gosh i sound so obsessed about nat but i watched the entire video thrice… brought such a huge smile to my face just watching him totter about!! you guys must be so proud of him!!

  3. yuling says:

    Too cute too cute! Nat is ADORABLE! Leon, your video’s very well done!

  4. Silver_crv says:

    good stuffs!! and i love the kness pads! hahaa…
    With his learning and experiences, he will not be afraid of being tackle during his football game!

  5. beanbean says:

    that was soooo cute! i love the video – he looked so cute wobbling around. well done nathaniel!

  6. lydia says:

    haha wha got knee pads somemore!!!

  7. stella says:

    haha.. you guys got knee pads for him?! haha.. i’m sure those make for easier crawling too! :p

  8. lish© says:

    I spotted 2 bumper mats!

    Anyway he did seem to get progressive better with each change! (was it my imagination) . Elpis enjoyed it so much she asked me to play it again and kept grinning.

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