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Man’s Best Friend

Posted by daddy leon On September - 19 - 2008

I remember before Nathaniel was born, we would imagine our son bringing kaizer for a walk or showing kaizer affection by patting him or playing with him.  We would always smile at the thought as we visualised kaizer’s look of satisfaction reciprocating a little boy’s affection.  Well, now Nathaniel has most definitely gotten used to having Kaizer around, in fact, I think he sees Kaizer more than he sees us. Sometimes he would crawl towards kaizer and sneak a touch, as if mimicking mummy and daddy ‘sayanging’ him.

It would bring us great joy to see Nathaniel grow up to be Kaizer’s good pal and vice versa.

4 Responses to “Man’s Best Friend”

  1. gugunanie says:

    hehe… looks like they can become best friends. My friend’s gigantic alsatian is protective over his baby girl and allows the baby to sleep on her. Quite a sight.

    But aren’t you concerned about lice and hygiene?

  2. Foleon Eyeh says:

    hehe………. that is cute and lovely, for one time Kaiser was being pampered by a his young master

  3. daddy leon tehpeng says:

    gugunanie: hmm.. i am concerned. but how do you draw the line? i can’t possibly get rid of kaizer, I can’t possibly not allow nathaniel to touch kaizer.. so i guess we just have to practice basic hygiene like washing hands, washing dog etc…

    foleon eyeh: yup, it was very heartwarming to see nathaniel take so well to kaizer.

  4. yuling says:

    Awww, this is sooo heartwarming! I can’t wait for our girl to sayang Latte like that too! :D
    Ha, by the way, I love that ‘piat piat piat’ sound Nat makes when he crawls!!

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