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And its June

Posted by daddy leon On June - 1 - 2008

This week saw Nathaniel explore his vocal chords more and he surprised us with many new ‘words’. The one that caught my attention was “OLE!” kekeke.  His chuckles are also much more audible now and we realised that he is one ticklish baby!  Daddy will go “koochi koochi koo!” and mummy will go “Gucci Gucci GU!”  Hahaha, either way, he breaks into laughter readily.. and when he laughs, everyone laughs as well. Little wonder they are called bundles of joy.  Watching him laugh really really makes my day.

Well, he has been mistaken as a girl a couple more times this week too but our trusted Dr Kit assured us that a pretty baby boy makes a handsome one in time to come. :D

And since its a new month, Nathaniel gets a new menu! Butternut and papaya is on the menu this week, hope he likes it.

Thanks to shutterbug, we finally have a decent family photo where all 3 are smiling.


7 Responses to “And its June”

  1. Shutterbug says:

    hehe… Did u manage to use the ‘magic numbers’ for the flash photography in the 2nd shot? Looks good! Foreground and background lighting ratio very nicely distributed :)

  2. sz says:

    thats a very sweet family potrait. :)

  3. unpolished gem says:

    i love the family pic…. with the cross in it. so much unspoken meaning in it.

  4. leon says:

    shutterbug :: yup, its the magic ratio!

    sz :: thanks!

    unpolished gem :: we only noticed the cross later and I loved the meaning of it too. United in Christ! :D

  5. silver_crv says:

    indeed a nice family photo!! Leon!!
    shutterbug’s “master stroke “!

  6. elaine says:

    i love the 2nd picture, hahaha!! brighthen up the dull working days! THe first family potrait is a great one too!

  7. Debra says:


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