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Almost 5 months

Posted by daddy leon On April - 6 - 2008

In another 2 days, lil Nat will be 5 months old.  We are expecting a few more milestones in this coming month, like eating solids and perhaps teething.  Let me try to list down 10 new “skills” he has learnt this month:

1 ) Splashing Water while bathing
2 ) Drool Excessively
3 ) Whining for mummy when mummy is in sight
4 ) Pulling handkerchief off his head when playing peek-a-boo
5 ) Screaming for attention
6 ) Staring at us eating
7 ) Finding himself stuck in the corner of the cot somehow (always)
8 ) Squealing with delight when playing
9 ) Looking at the floor when asked “Where’s Kaizer?”
10 ) Sucking his toes

In this short 5 months, he also managed to brave Takashimaya twice… both days ending with a tired Nathaniel and bigger biceps for daddy.  He also has been mistaken as a girl about 3 times… I guess its because he has beautiful eyes. :D

Lets bring on month 6!

Bed and Bath routines are always fun fun fun!

That cheeky smile

I love my baths! (can’t wait to bring him swimming!)    

14 Responses to “Almost 5 months”

  1. shutterbug says:

    wah Lao…. He has really grown so much! Very handsome leh! He has also extended his range of expressions too! :)

  2. olimomok says:

    He does have very nice eyes :) Love the second shot!

  3. Gugu nanie says:

    Swimming should be so fun with a baby who likes water! So when will you guys start him?

  4. elaine says:

    the 4th photo looks so smart and cute!!! really very very good shots taken by daddy!! =p

  5. sz says:

    i feel like hugging him and kissing him all over. hee..sorry..

  6. Green Tea says:

    I just realise I hvnt had much chance to carry him, kiss him and hug him. BB Nat seems to have a more busy schedule than Green Tea according to his mummy’s blog! Ha… I’ll have to make an appointment with him then :P

  7. jx gor gor says:

    wah .. this set of photos very nice!!!!

    I like the last one .. next time he’ll see that he has stayed in a hdb flat.. haha

  8. deaR says:

    mistaken for a girl??! hahahah. he has beautiful eyes!

  9. leoncheng aka daddy says:

    gugu nanie :: me thinks we will bring him swimming maybe after he is 6 months old.

    green tea :: haha, make appointment with his secretary!

    jx :: aiyoh, next time, he will still be living in a HDB flat me thinks.

    Thanks all for your comments!

  10. Anonymous says:

    he looks like ur dad in the last one …

  11. leoncheng aka daddy says:

    anonymous :: interestingly, we’ve had lots of pple saying that. i look like my dad too, no?

  12. Zhangjiejiie says:

    I love the last photo of bbNat in tub! I just feel like reaching into the photo, carrying him out of the tub and hugging him! He looks so chubby and nice to cuddle!

  13. silver_crv says:

    sucking his toes?! wow! that fast!!!

    soon he will be making noise when you eats.. :D
    I am at that stage now..and i can say.. “very hard to concentrate on our foods lor” :)

    great photos !

  14. gugu nanie says:

    hehe… wanted to add this – “Nice Nipples!”

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