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Baby Fair

Posted by daddy leon On March - 9 - 2008

I remembered the last time we visited the baby fair at takashimaya, Nathaniel was minus 4 months old… This time around, he is plus 4 months old. If I may use the age old cliche.. time flies.

Nathaniel sure enjoys his new toy.

9 Responses to “Baby Fair”

  1. visinv says:

    Oh my… Did I see a drool there??? Btw, why is his right eye more puffy than his left???? Oh no… He got eye bags!!!!

    Oh well.. it’s just me… Hehe….

  2. Green Tea says:

    What toy is this? Looks like a walker? Or bunge jump wannabe toy?

  3. elaine says:

    super cute!!!=p

  4. Shutterbug says:

    my goodness.. he is SOoooo adorable with that cheeky smile!!!

  5. sz says:

    so cute!
    did u style his hair?
    i like his forehead. heh

  6. Candice says:

    the walker is looks so cheery and colorful!

  7. pinkrose77 says:

    Is that the rainforest jumperoo? Is Nat enjoying it lots? Im thinking of buying one for my girl, but it’s quite costly.

  8. leon says:

    visinv:: never realised the eyebags.. haha… now he not only has mummy’s eyes..

    sz:: his hair is naturally styled. he has plenty forehead for you to adore.. :)

    green tea and pinkrose77:: yup, its the rainforest jumperoo. i got some friends to sponsor this for nathaniel. :P Nat is enjoying it lots, but I think he will enjoy it much more when his legs can touch the ground! haha.

  9. wenz says:

    Nat is really cute!

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