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Posted by daddy leon On January - 20 - 2008

The little liverbird looking unhappy, almost like he knew he was going to be pricked later.

I do not think Nathaniel enjoyed this weekend as much as the last one because he had his vaccination this weekend. Like his last injection, it took about 1 second for the pain to reach his brain and eventually manifested as a loud scream albeit a short scream. As parents, we dislike vaccinations as well. We dread the fever, crankiness that would follow. True enough, Nathaniel had a low grade fever (about 38 degrees), and was sleeping throughout the day in short spells, and waking up crying, looking obviously uncomfortable.

Thank God his fever subsided the next day and he was back to his cheery best, cooing and cackling to my dad. Its almost like he is recounting the experience to grandpa when he came to visit in the morning.

baby nathaniel: Grandpa! Daddy and mummy brought me for a jab yesterday! It was very painful!
grandpa: ok, i understand. you were a brave boy!

Back to my best!

Nathaniel hopes next weekend will be a better one!


14 Responses to “Vaccinated”

  1. elaine says:

    i love his big round eyes and super chubby cheeks…another great masterpiece of daddy, and lil nat looks more and more like pretty mummy! Cheers for the brave little boy!

  2. gugu nanie says:

    he’s such a brave boy. must reward him with a fun time this coming weekend!

  3. Anonymous says:

    he’s beginning to look like your dad i think …


  4. leon says:

    potcb, actually you are not the first to say that. haha.

  5. chloe says:

    brave bbnat!

  6. Val says:

    Errrr … and i was going to comment Baby Nat looks like mummy …ehhe … =)


  7. caipor says:

    try this, using the last photo above, scroll down till u can only see nat’s face from nose down. stare at it for a while and i think that’s where the resemblance to Grandpa Cheng is. kekeke.

  8. Debra says:

    He really looks like Daddy in the last photo! You should post photos of Leon as a baby side by side ;)

  9. leon says:

    ok, now I’m confused. I think we all look like each another. :D

  10. msfairface says:

    oh he looks sooo chubby in the last photo! You must be feeding him very well!

  11. Gugu naniecheng says:

    he definitely has mummy’s smiling eyes!

  12. dr says:

    He definitely has mommy’s eyes! Very lovely boy! Me likey him alot.

  13. Anonymous says:

    errr…no one noticed the car sticker lay!!
    how can?!

    Hey the sticker looks just superd with little nat inside the photo!!! :)

  14. silver_crv says:

    eerrr…no one noticed the sticker lay….
    how can?!

    Hey the sticker looks just superd along with Little Nat in the photo!! :)

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