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14 days

Posted by daddy leon On November - 22 - 2007

Our little baby is 14 days old today.

7 Responses to “14 days”

  1. jx says:

    the double eyelid is beautiful!!

    wah .. time passes very fast.. only havd 14 days to think of what 满月gift to get

  2. Su-Lin says:

    omg! Does he have a pimple?

  3. daddy leon Leon says:

    Not too sure if you can call it a pimple. :D I think its baby acne, he does get quite a few of those sporadically.

  4. lish© says:

    Oh just put the end milk on his face after feeding. After each feed, just apply some Bmilk on his face as “toner”. It helps. the zitties are from hormones from mommy :)

    he’s looking more handsome. got the mommy pretty and the daddy handsomes.

  5. silver_crv says:

    from these photos … we can really see the combination of papa and mama!! :)

  6. nanie says:

    BBnat has his first pimple :)

  7. msfairface says:

    so handsome! I love his big big eyes!

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