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Im Growing!

Posted by daddy leon On November - 19 - 2007

Nathaniel has regained his birth weight and beyond. It is most comforting as parents to know your child is feeding well. In fact, we think he is going through a growth spurt now as he is fussier these 2 days and requires more feeding sessions than before. Nathaniel has a nice belly button now that his cord stump has fallen off, we were just joking that we going to keep it as a family heirloom, or display it like how the eunuchs display their erm.. pride.. keke.

Don’t you agree that he looks chubbier now. :D

10 Responses to “Im Growing!”

  1. yuling says:

    hi yvonne and leon! your boy looks absolutely charming! can i self-invite myself over to go googoogaga over him? :P

  2. mrs tehpeng says:

    Sure, come on over. Best time is after 10am when he is more or less settled after bath and feed. Let me know which day!

  3. dr says:

    Mommy lilsnooze is doing a great job at feeding lilnat! Well done! Love his bambi eyes.

  4. Ruth says:

    I love this shot of LilNat! And hurrah for going past his birth weight. Welcome to the club of tracking numbers (weight, height, age).

  5. Su-Lin says:


    Just happened to surf by and I must say your boy is a cutie pie! He has gorgeous eyes…kinda looks abit áng moh. Ha ha!

  6. nanie says:

    big big eyes!

  7. lish© says:

    looks so different already!!

  8. silver_crv says:


  9. msfairface says:

    his double-eyelids are so well defined!! I wish I can carry the handsome boy!

  10. wenz says:

    awww.. such beautiful eyes!

    congrats yvonne & leon! nathaniel is sucha pretty boy.

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