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Hairy Weekend

Posted by daddy leon On October - 30 - 2009

The past weekend saw all the boys in my family go for a haircut.  Me, Nathaniel and Kaizer.  :) 

Kaizer and I cut our hair as a routine grooming exercise..
As for Nathaniel.. we have had incessant ‘complaints’ from our parents that strangers are complimenting them for a pretty granddaughter… so I hope with this haircut, he won’t be confused for a girl anymore.  keke.


This also means no more pop idol look… :(

One Response to “Hairy Weekend”

  1. lish© says:

    at least they just complain about being mistaken with a granddaughter, and did not add on that they’d like a real granddaughter ;-)

    he does more boyish with the haircut & no loss on the goodlooks :))

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