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29 years apart

Posted by daddy leon On December - 30 - 2008

I’ve been wanting to do this for some time.  I’m trying to find similarities between my son and myself and I am glad to conclude that my son is DEFINITELY an enhanced version of me (maybe not just enhanced but an entire revamp!). I’ve been asking everyone who has the faintest memory of me as a one year old what I was like when I was a year old.  Was I walking already? Did I have problems eating?  Was I hyper active?  It turned out that if we were comparing milestones with my son, I would be miles behind.. haha.  I only starting walking at 14 months and started talking much much later.  It took forever to feed me and I often stared into blank space. 

I would be worried if I were my own dad! hahaha.

6 Responses to “29 years apart”

  1. stella says:

    i can definitely see the resemblance! :)

  2. Silver_crv says:

    those are good comparison :)

  3. Candice says:

    the resemblance will only get real uncanny when you’re very old. hehe! i was stunned when i saw how similar my estranged uncle looked like my grandfather. in the meantime, explore!

  4. beanbean says:

    leon, you look exactly the same, then and now! think nat looks more like yvonne though! :)

  5. daddy leon daddy leon says:

    I mean.. there must be some sort of resemblance right? He is my son! hahaha. Just that I think he has nicer features.

    Beanbean :: I just hope my daughter wont look like me! kekeke.

  6. naniecheng says:

    Love this entry.

    Now we have to line the kids up and take that infamous kulai shot in front of the old home with the grandparents

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