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The first month

Posted by daddy leon On February - 28 - 2011

Its funny how this month both crawled and whizzed past all at the same time. The early days are all about finding rhythm and routine and we are slowly getting there..I think. Its hard to find a routine when she wants to feed all the time. haha. The good thing is that drinking all that milk meant she has gained about 40% of her birth weight in the first month! So well done mummy!

Natalie never fails to make us smile even when she is at her most grumpy self. We will laugh at how desperate she seems to want to drink milk despite just finishing a feed. We will laugh at how she poops right after a diaper change. We will laugh at how she tries to shift her eyeballs to follow us albeit with a second lag. In fact, we will laugh even when she is not doing anything at all. Haha.

We thank you all for your blessings and prayers and most of all we continue to thank God for giving Natalie to us. :)

Happy first month Natalie.

I'm 1 month old!

A is to jump!

Posted by daddy leon On February - 26 - 2011

As mummy is virtually milk on demand for Natalie, that actually leaves me with a lot of time with Nathaniel. It is great actually. I feel we are bonding so much more as a father son team. We would go to the singapore flyer together, go for band practices together, go cycling together, go to the playground together, go to the library together……. and currently, we are hooked onto the LEGO Star Wars game on the xbox.. . (I have always wanted a brother to play games with, but I never dreamt of playing xbox with my 3 year old son)!

To our amazement, he can work the xbox controller really well and remembered the actions each button executed. One morning, he just randomly blurted out when he woke up.. “A is to jump, X is to fight and press B when something is glowing!”

showing off his light sabre!

Flying the flyer

Blessed Chinese New Year!

Posted by daddy leon On February - 3 - 2011

My First Ang Pow (going straight to the CDA)

First Family Portrait :)

First week

Posted by daddy leon On February - 2 - 2011

Believe it or not, Little Natalie is now one week old.  A very sound sleeper in the day.. but not so much in the night.. we will work on that in week 2. :)

Looks like she had a good haircut in mummy's womb

Our sweet little angel

Nat’s CNY celebration in school

Posted by daddy leon On February - 2 - 2011

It came as a surprise to us when we received a letter from his school that Nathaniel will be performing in the school CNY celebration. This is because each time we asked him what he learnt in school, he would say nothing. Haha..

So daddy went to watch him perform and I must say I am immensely proud of this boy. Its not that he sang in key or danced well.. haha, but just being up there, singing and enjoying himself made me so happy and proud.

Yes.. I was one of those parents who jostled for a position to video his child…

Happy and Blessed Chinese New Year to all of you!

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