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And just like this

Posted by daddy leon On January - 31 - 2010

we have completed January.  This month saw Nathaniel surprising us with many more words.  ”BUS!”  ”HOME!” “ONE!” “BUY THIS!” “PLEASE!” just to name a few.  We speak to him as if he was a grown up boy and many a times, he would amaze us by displaying near perfect comprehension.  Its really fun for us expecting the unexpected from this toddler.

Mummy’s Boy!

Swim Sunday

Posted by daddy leon On January - 24 - 2010

Today we dug out the speedos my dad bought for Nathaniel and ventured the pool.  Nathaniel was so excited he wanted to wear them even before we set off for the pool.  It was quite funny seeing a little boy scampering around the house in his speedos.

So off to the pool we went, Nathaniel was quite brave I must say.  He stood by himself in the wading pool, refusing assistance.  He slipped  and went underwater a few times, only to stand up again as if nothing happened. (well, not really..) haha.  He also mustered enough courage to jump into the pool, and even climbed out of the pool himself to do it again!

We should definitely do this more regularly!

He needed a little assistance to start

Soon he was on his own!


Telling mummy how fun it was!

His cute little terry robe :)

“Cut Cut!”

Posted by daddy leon On January - 23 - 2010

was what Nathaniel said when we told him he was going to get his hair cut today, as though even he knew it was getting too long.




Sleepless Afternoons

Posted by daddy leon On January - 18 - 2010

Its almost impossible to get Nathaniel to sleep in the afternoon with us around.  All the stories we hear about Nat sleeping for 3-4 hours in the afternoon are absolutely unbelievable for me and Yvonne.  And so daddy will attempt to match Nat’s energy levels hoping that I will eventually wear him down… of course, no prizes for guessing who wore down first.

Sunny Weekends

Posted by daddy leon On January - 17 - 2010

Being working parents, we value our time with Nathaniel even more during weekends.  We pack our weekends with activities with Nathaniel so much so that when he goes to my mother in law’s place on Mondays, he sulks and says goodbye to us reluctantly and sometimes in tears.  His afternoon naps on Mondays are also super long, perhaps he is catching up on all that sleep he lost over the weekend.

This weekend, we went to the beach again with some friends.  Despite the occasional scorching sun peeping through the clouds, we had immense fun scooping sand, splashing water and of course, taking photos.

tentative at first

warmed up!

Enjoying walking on the sand

A change for once, all the daddies instead!

Having fun in the splash pool! (taken by silver-crv)

I Believe I can fly!

Till the next weekend baby.

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