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One word at a time

Posted by daddy leon On November - 27 - 2009

Nathaniel has been making us very happy lately as he has finally decided to communicate vocally rather than through gestures.

He asks us “Go Where?” with heightened inquisitiveness whenever we bring him out that it never fails to tickle us.  Instead of nodding his head, he now gives a resounding “YESSSS!”

He can now address his grandparents, aunties and even our helper which he lovingly calls “TITA!” (which means auntie in tagalog).

Well done Nathaniel.


More photos of the 2 year old

Posted by daddy leon On November - 14 - 2009



The Terrific Two

Posted by daddy leon On November - 9 - 2009

No birthday parties this year, just the dinner with the family. Just the way I (and I suspect Nathaniel) like it actually. :)

My colleague once told me that we are incapable of remembering anything that happened before we are three years of age.  I was thinking to myself..

“That means Nathaniel will not remember any of the fun that we have had..

Then I paused and reminded myself that in time to come, although Nathaniel may not be able to remember all the laughter that we shared , we as parents will definitely remember the whole lot of it and it will definitely not return void.

As I was compiling photos for his birthday video, I relived all the moments captured in the photos and I found myself smiling silly at the monitor with the occasional burst of laughter.

Yes, I thought to myself again, it had indeed been a terrific 2 years.

Thank you all for all the toys you have showered upon Nathaniel. ( I must point out them majority of the toys are cars though.. haha).


Thank you Lord for blessing us with this bundle of pure joy.  Thank you Lord for giving us the privilege of parenting this child and I pray for your wisdom to be with us as we strive to bring him up to be the man You want him to be.

Bring on more terrific years!

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