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Beach Boy

Posted by daddy leon On May - 30 - 2009

We never dreamt that we would pack our Saturday with activities considering the opportunity cost is a well deserved weekend break at home.  Nathaniel single-handedly made us overcome our inertia as we hauled ourselves up early in the morning to join silver-crv and family for some fun at the beach.

Our Beach Boy!

Nathaniel had a busy day today (so did we) as classes started yet again at Kid’s Loft.  He could only catch short naps in  car rides the whole day and we thought he would be exhausted come the end of the day but we were wrong. 


He did trampoline routines on the sofa and for the first time, somersaults on the mattress we laid in the hall.  We were tired just looking at him go.

He fell asleep promptly after his night milk and prayer. 

Have a good night’s rest my son, we will have more fun tomorrow.

18 months old plus

Posted by daddy leon On May - 24 - 2009

Have been really busy with work and lazy at home that I have not been blogging.  Well, this month, he turned 18 months.  He continues to amaze us with his antics and development.  We often find ourselves in stitches at his impromptu and totally unexpected demeanour.  Sometimes, he also gets us really upset with his wilfulness and stubbornness but on the whole, he gets an A* (as endorsed by grandma who constantly reminds me that he is very 乖already).

Some photos to share.

“Don’t hold me daddy, I am ok by myself!”  Seriously, he kept pushing me away when I tried to hold him.


We had to cut his hair as his fringe was reaching his eyes, and we were constantly reminded that tucked hair behind ears are for girls.. :)


Nathaniel had so much fun drumming at Uncle D’s home that Uncle D became his instant favourite.


My Little Guitar Hero!

Well Done Mummy!

Posted by daddy leon On May - 10 - 2009

Because of you, I am loving parenthood.


Auto Windows

Posted by daddy leon On May - 7 - 2009

This is so cool!

Arty Nights

Posted by daddy leon On May - 4 - 2009

There is something magical about watching your wife teach your son patiently how to draw at the end of a long day… especially when your wife is not known to be patient or artistic. Kekeke.

“This is how you draw a stick man:”

Nathaniel drawing a birthday card for grandma

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