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Trial and Error

Posted by daddy leon On April - 24 - 2009

We brought Nathaniel for a trial class at a pre-school, hoping to familiarise him with the place and people before he starts school in June.

He wouldn’t let us out of his sight. 

Hahaha, which makes me wonder if we would bear to leave him to the teachers come June.  Never thought it would be hard to harden our hearts and let the teachers take control.  In any case, it is something that has to be done, and it will be done… so be brave my little baby (and mummy)!

My wife tells me that she was the brave one last time and even waved her mum goodbye when she attended school for the first time.  I guess its me that was the “not so brave” one. I vaguely remembered crying and dreading school…

The teachers encouraged us by saying that it is extremely normal that toddlers cry initially and takes some time to adapt.  The teacher then went on to say that there are cases that if the toddler cries non-stop for too long, they will call the parents..  *GULP*  Baby, don’t do that to us ok?

There is just something very cute about seeing toddlers sitting at a table together… not socialising, just minding their own business.



“ what do you think of the lunch?”

All the students were feeding themselves, and Nathaniel tried to do likewise, albeit not as proficient as the rest.  Well Done Nathaniel!

“I can do it too!”

Story telling is Nathaniel’s favourite, but only if the story teller is mummy or daddy.  He wanted to steal some of the teacher’s books back to mummy!

“give me that book, I want my mummy to read it to me”

And when all the students were dancing to the music and tunnelling through a play tunnel, Nathaniel would not participate, but chose rather to observe.  He nodded his head to the music occasionally (if the song was upbeat enough for him).    It was only when the half day trial ended for Nathaniel and the rest of the toddlers went for their nap, he sprung into life… Nathaniel jumped at the opportunity of tunnelling and playing with the toys undisturbed. Haha, to think that we thought he was afraid of the tunnel. 

“I play fine alone..” 

Lord, we pray you give the child confidence.  Help him understand that mummy and daddy will always be there with him. And more importantly, that You will always be there for him. Amen!


Posted by daddy leon On April - 20 - 2009

This weekend, we brought Nathaniel for his class at Kid’s Loft. Although it was his second class, it marked many firsts for Nathaniel.

It was the first time he responded to his teacher calling his name by going forward (without Mummy nudging him) and shaking the teacher’s hands.

It was also the first time he could identify his own name tag hanging on the attendance board.

It was also the first time when he voluntarily stepped up to take a animal postcard from the teacher and matched it to the animal poster on the wall (accurately!).

It was the first time he drummed so confidently when the teacher told him to do so.. (this one mummy got train him at home!).

It was also the first time he hugged the teacher and even planted a kiss on her face. (smart boy hor.. ).

Hope that by the next lesson, it will also be the first time he wont cry when the cheerios are taken from him prematurely.. hahaha.

Well, this weekend also marks the first time he has his own happy meal!


I am one proud daddy this weekend!


Preparing for toddlerhood

Posted by daddy leon On April - 12 - 2009

We brought Nathaniel for a trial class at Kid’s Loft on Saturday.  We wanted to see how Nathaniel would be like in a classroom environment.  Well, we have never been to a toddler class before and were naturally as unfamiliar to the lessons as Nathaniel was!

The teacher was really quite animated and looked like she sprang straight out of Playhouse DIsney.  Parents were also very involved and spontaneous as they sang along with the teacher.  Yvonne had to “step up” and tried to sing along and to encourage Nathaniel along the class ( I was outside the class as only one parent was allowed in).  To be truthful, Nathaniel looked a little overawed by the occasion and wanted to “escape” a few times.  When the teacher finished singing one song, Nathaniel would clap his hands as if to say

“ok, thank you, bye bye!”

We thought that many things that the teacher taught were impossible tasks for a toddler at 17 months old.  For example, she wanted Nathaniel to return a toy he took from the shelf before taking a new one.  Hahahaha, I almost couldn’t control my laughter when I saw mummy “discreetly” keeping the toy for him. 

We even had to do art and craft with Nathaniel!  Cutting and pasting… . Wah!  It was fun though, seeing all the little ones sit at the table, and the parents doing the work instead! 

Actually, all the other students were having so much fun singing, dancing and socialising and that made us wonder if we should have brought Nathaniel for such classes much earlier.  It was a good experience not just for little Nathaniel, but for us parents as well.  Next time, I’m bringing my laptop.. at least I will have something to do while waiting outside the class other than peering in like a gan cheong father! 

The verdict is that we have decided to carry on with the classes as we know that sooner rather than later, we have to take little steps to expose our baby to the world.  As he approaches toddlerhood, we will also be sending him to playschool soon, so the classes now will be a good experience for him before he attends playschool without us (I can feel mummy’s tears as we speak).. haha.  You should have heard how she quizzed the playschool principal on the curriculum and the food they serve etc etc…

Nathaniel’s name on the attendance board

Mummy and Nat with their art work!

As Nathaniel approaches toddlerhood, we pray for God’s wisdom to be with us parents.  Bring it on!

Groovin to the beat

Posted by daddy leon On April - 12 - 2009
Nathaniel on the Synthesizer


Next time I will make him wear the shades while he is on the synthesizer.  With him swaying to the music, he may just resemble the great Stevie Wonder!


17 months today!

Posted by daddy leon On April - 8 - 2009

another 7 months to the terrific two!

flashing his near complete set of baby pearlies

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