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Little drummer boy

Posted by daddy leon On March - 29 - 2009


Nathaniel and Raeann, his little groupie. :D


Posted by daddy leon On March - 22 - 2009

Shortly after visiting the zoo, we gave the bird park a try.  The verdict is that Nathaniel (and us) enjoy the bird park much more than the zoo.  I think it’s because the birds were much more ‘active’ than the animals in the zoo.  I promised him we would see lions in the zoo, and when we went to the enclosure, none could be found as they were all sleeping in their den!

At the bird park, He witnessed parrots playing basketball and singing Rasa Sayang.  He had the “can they do that??” look throughout the show at the amphitheatre.  (actually papa was more impressed..  hahaha..). 

Let’s head to the penguin show!


Yeah! Let’s do this again!

16 months today

Posted by daddy leon On March - 8 - 2009

Our boy turns 16 months today. This little bundle of joy has grown to about 85cm and is a tad more than 10kg (as measured from last visit to the paed).  He made little of our worry that he will be more aware of the pain of a vaccination by displaying total composure when he had his pneumococcal jab last week.

He babbles all the time now, though the paed says he is a little behind in his speech.

papa: “ I started talking really late too!”
paediatrician: “see! you turned out normal right?”
papa: “er..i hope so..”

He is much more aware of his surroundings, and is learning and mimicking actions faster than we realise.  We really have got to start watching what we do and say in front of him.  He has also learnt to show displeasure when he doesn’t get his way, but thank God, he doesn’t over do it and is easily coaxed out of his tantrums.

More pictures of this big boy taken today in Kulai, Malaysia.

Did I mention he runs real well too now?

Check out my new ride.


In fact we think our boy is old enough to wear briefs!


Hahaha, no lah.. mummy bought this shorts for him from FOX (UOB 20% off!), which comes with an extra piece of ‘gutter; which makes him look like he is wearing briefs! How cute.

beach boy

Posted by daddy leon On March - 7 - 2009

Finally managed to wake up early enough on a weekend to haul ourselves to the beach. :)  Sentosa’s Palawan beach was the chosen destination and we had the pleasure of having Daniel, Judy and Edgar with us this morning.  Thank God the rain stopped and the skies cleared up as we were left with a nice cool weather to enjoy the beach.

A little apprehensive at first as the waves ‘crashed’ at his feet..


Slowly but surely, he warmed up as he took ‘giant’ steps in the sinking sand.


We even found him telling the waves to behave!


And what else do you do with sand other than building castles? You throw them of course!


Wait, you can bury your legs in it too!


And all of a sudden, he is having fun!


Edgar, lets come to the beach again!


Washing up was a bummer though.. haha… must make sure no sand in the car! :)  The boys already have a date to visit the universal studios together when its ready, but i’m pretty sure we will be back at sentosa before that.

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