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The Truth

Posted by daddy leon On February - 15 - 2009

Daddy and I agree My Mummy’s a BABE.


Happy Valentine’s Day

Posted by daddy leon On February - 13 - 2009

Wishing all a Happy Valentine’s Day.

We love because He first loved us.  -1John 4:19


Exercise Mandai

Posted by daddy leon On February - 12 - 2009

The last time I returned from Mandai feeling all burnt out was when I was a 19 year old recce commander in an army exercise…  Armed with my zoo corporate pass, and planned itinerary (and of course with my camera, video camera, extra lens and Nat’s logistics), we ventured into the zoo with Nathaniel today.

After months of teaching Nathaniel animals off the pages of a book, we thought its time to show him the real thing (sorry boy, elephants aren’t purple).


Thanks to the well planned itinerary, we cheonged all the shows and feedings in the first 2 hours, leaving Nathaniel a little overwhelmed I must say.  When we finally got down to visiting the animal enclosures, he was quite zoned out.. haha.


It was a challenge to handle both the video cam and camera, next time I will only bring one or the other!  This time round, I opted to use the video cam primarily, and only whipped out the camera sparingly.  Sometimes I wonder why I carry all this load for… but but.. it was Nat’s first visit to the zoo!

You cannot imagine the dilemma I go through when I am deciding what gear to bring on outings. Haha.  The wife always laughs at me when she sees me standing in front of my gear thinking.


We also finally remembered to bring his jungle hat which we bought some time ago but kept forgetting to use it. 

Nathaniel was intrigued by the shows, mostly by the animals that kept appearing from everywhere!  (mostly monkeys.. our zoo has many monkeys..)


I think the part he enjoyed most was at the newly revamped kidz world where there was an elaborate water play area. 



And of course, the zoo visit wouldn’t be complete without a visit to the popular “man eating” white tiger enclosure!


The drive home saw mummy and baby snoozing almost immediately.  Somehow, looking at them sleeping through my rear mirror made an already wonderful day even better.

Next up: Bird Park.  Now.. should I bring my cam and video cam? Haha.

Weekend Photos

Posted by daddy leon On February - 8 - 2009

Just some weekend photos to share.  We visited PF’s lovely place as well as the Marina Barrage this weekend. We had much fun (as usual) and had only wished we had 3 days in a weekend! (hope that NMP who asked parliament to reconsider a 5 day work week wouldn’t think I’m being lazy) :).

Exploring Aunt PF’s House.

Wasn’t too interested in taking photos as he had his eyes locked on the many kites that were flying above him.

Enjoying the breeze at the Marina Barrage

Having fun on grass.

Swat the fly!

Posted by daddy leon On February - 1 - 2009

My wife always enjoys a good massage. Naturally, she was elated when she managed to teach Nathaniel the delicate skill of pounding a massager on her back.  So she gladly paraded her little masseur when we visited an aunt’s place over CNY.  Little did she know that while she was lying on her front, our boy swapped the massager for a fly swat!

Swat swat swat the fly! It was hilarious.


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