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29 years apart

Posted by daddy leon On December - 30 - 2008

I’ve been wanting to do this for some time.  I’m trying to find similarities between my son and myself and I am glad to conclude that my son is DEFINITELY an enhanced version of me (maybe not just enhanced but an entire revamp!). I’ve been asking everyone who has the faintest memory of me as a one year old what I was like when I was a year old.  Was I walking already? Did I have problems eating?  Was I hyper active?  It turned out that if we were comparing milestones with my son, I would be miles behind.. haha.  I only starting walking at 14 months and started talking much much later.  It took forever to feed me and I often stared into blank space. 

I would be worried if I were my own dad! hahaha.

Self Service

Posted by daddy leon On December - 29 - 2008

Sometimes its a challenge to feed Nathaniel as he is at the stage where he is constantly distracted by things around him and wanting to get down from the high chair to play.. (especially in a new environment). 

So we heeded Dr Tan’s advice to involve him in his daily activities like eating and wearing clothes… and it seemed to work.  We just have to get use to the mess and time taken to finish his meal I guess.  We probably would also need to prepare bigger portions for him knowing that the food may end up everywhere else but in his mouth (his accuracy rate still quite low for now)!

and for some reason, he only wants the ‘adult’ spoon and not his own baby spoon!

Hot Sunday

Posted by daddy leon On December - 28 - 2008

Nothing like a cool rubber ducky dip on a hot sunday afternoon!


I really do miss the temperature in Melbourne..

Supermarketing weekend

Posted by daddy leon On December - 28 - 2008

Today we woke early to do some supermarketing. After which we dropped in on Ed and Peifen. After which we visited the supermarket again.  Haha, its simply unbelievable how many times we visit the supermarket in a week. And we just realised we ran short of another household necessity, so I guess tomorrow we will drop by the supermarket again.  We definitely got to get our logistics right.

Some photos taken while we visited Ed and Peifen today… Kristy really makes me laugh. keke.

Papa, get me an AUDI!


Pleasure in the Simple Things

Posted by daddy leon On December - 25 - 2008

“Wishing that you find happiness, peace and joy in the simple things in life. Just like what I do everyday :)” – Nathaniel


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