Photo a day :: Jul 29 to Aug 4

It was the last week of the summer break and we scooted off to explore Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Park, together with Jmummy.

It is always awesome to be driving through the scenic highway of a National Park. The view is simply magnificent.


Hello Grand Teton Range!

At Grand Teton, we took a boat ride across Jenny Lake and did a hike, intending to do the Hidden Falls hike. It was an uphill hike, fairly easy steps yet tough due to the inclination. The kids plodded on alongside us and unknowingly, we went past the Falls and went on up thinking the Vista Point was higher up. However, we found ourselves at Inspiration Point (almost). And was greeted by this sight of Jenny Lake. Well worth the extra steps. We rested and took in the sight, before heading back down to catch the boat ride back. IMG_9377We did not stay long in Grand Teton and we headed out, onto our night stop. As we left Grand Teton, the magnificent view of the Teton Range was behind us and it was simply breathtaking.

One of the must visit at Yellowstone, other than the Old Faithful, will be the famous colourful Grand Prismatic Spring. It is the largest hot spring in USA. And you have to see it with your own eyes to believe the vivid hues (due to minerals around the Spring). And of course, not forgetting the pungent smell. Heh. I think if we had a higher vantage point, it would have been more awesome.


The other hot springs in the Geyser Basin gives off the same hues too, just not as vivid.  Doesn’t the turquoise pool look very inviting? Heh.


We spent the day exploring Yellowstone and we drove back to the Lodge at around sunset and we drove past Hayden Valley, known for it being a habitat to wildlife such as bisons, coyotes, deers and bears. And yes, indeed! We did see bisons (not a herd, but solitary ones), a grizzly bear (YES!!) and a mule deer upclose. It was very memorable for us and the children.


“He makes me lie down in green pastures, He leads me beside quiet waters” ~ Psalm 23:2

All too soon, it was time to head back to Salt Lake City. Was pretty much glad to be back in the City where we can get erm…Asian food. Haha. We had a day to explore the City and it being a Sunday, we were told nothing much really happened on a Sunday in SLC, so we decided to visit Temple Square and the Utah State Capitol.


Looking very grand, atop Capitol Hill

It was a Sunday and to our surprise, the building was open to public access and so we found ourselves inside, where the Government sits. We were thankful to get shelter from the blazing hot sun too. We spent quite abit of time inside, admiring the architecture.


That’s the Supreme Court, yah.

There’s even a showcase of movie memorabilia from movies filmed in Utah! Recognise any? Run Forrest Run!


Before calling it a day, we managed 2 hours at the Discovery Gateway museum where the Nats had some interactive, hands-on fun (where I could kinda sit back and just watch them go). I was glad to note it wasn’t that crowded!

Water play is for everyone

Water play is for everyone

This could be our last trip before we head back home and so, it was bittersweet as the trip ended for us…

Onto photos of the week!

Jul 29 – perspective :: Min took this shot, not too bad eh?

Sometimes we let her have a go at our iphone camera or the video cam, as it’s interesting to see the type of shots what she take. Haha. Growing with parents who wield cameras in front of them almost on a daily basis, surely they are piqued about photography and how these gadgets work. Never too young to train their “eye”. ;)


30 Jul – friendship :: Blessed to be a friend, blessed to have friends.

We had a simple evening out together at Point Lobos, followed by dinner. And Eyedeas very nicely capture some shots of us, for us. This shot of his, is now my phone cover screen.


Jul 31 – workspace :: After being at the stove for awhile, whipping up a simple meal in less than 30min, is possible. Simple yummy fish bee hoon soup for lunch today.

It is coming close to our stint here and frankly, cooking every day has gotten to me. I am too lazy now to try out new recipes, but rather depend on tried and tested dishes to put on the table. Thankfully, my “customers” ain’t complaining. Haha. 


Aug 1 – Something beginning with N :: Naked Juice!we load up on these esp on roadtrips!

Especially when the weather is hot out! I make sure we all have plenty of water and juices and fruits, if possible. We snack alot more on roadtrips too. There’s just something about being in a moving car for extended period of time that makes you want to nibble on chips (and I am hardly a snacker usually).


Aug 2 – incomplete :: A visit to Yellowstone is incomplete without catching Old Faithful in action. It erupts about every 90min.

Definitely a highlight of the trip, other than seeing the Grand Prismatic Spring. The place was rather visitors-friendly, with boardwalks and benches built all around the geyser and the park ranger will put up notices on the next estimated eruption time. We arrived and plonked ourselves down on a bench and waited for about 45 minutes before the action started. It’s not the tallest geyser (that claim goes to the Steamboat Geyser, which erupted just a few days before our visit,after 8 years) but it is indeed faithful with a more “predictable schedule”. Scary to think of the magma activity beneath us, as the whole area is full of geysers and bubbling hot pots! IMG_9411Aug 3 – skyline :: A different kind of skyline in the park.

Before leaving the area, we headed in again to Yellowstone to Artist Point, for a view of the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone. The view of the Falls was simply breathtaking, almost like a painting. I’m glad we took time to check this out, before leaving the park and onto our journey of almost 6 hours to get back to Salt Lake City. And it was also great in my books as you don’t need to hike far and long to see this magnificent picturesque view.


Aug 4 – fresh :: I chose mostly fresh fruit topping. Glad to also see Nat enjoy the fresh fruit toppings more than the gummies he wanted to add on. ;)

Frozen yoghurt FTW in almost 40°c weather. Yoghurt lounge with choose-your-own flavours & toppings, & pay by weight. Excellent!We had promised them ice cream (always a sweet refreshing treat in hot hot summer weather) and I was happier to see yoghurt!




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