Photo a day :: May 6 to 12

It was Teachers Appreciation Week and after some thoughts, I wanted to give Nats’ teachers something “Uniquely Singapore”. So I ordered pandan chiffon cakes from our resident baker B and packaged them nicely and used the Singapore postcards (which I had requested Silver_crv to bring over) as Thank You cards. I also had a little explanation on what pandan cake is and its ingredients. ;) The teachers commented that the cake was nice.


My hair is growing out and fringe is getting too heavy but I am dreading to get another haircut which I know will end up not being what I wanted. Ask anyone what they miss most when they are not back in SG, & it will be – their hairstylist (comes after family and food). So, it was my delight when a fellow Singaporean has a set of salon-grade professional scissors for layering of hair. And so, I gave it a go. I figured, it’s just my fringe and I can always clip it up anyway. I’m so glad I did it cos my fringe is now significantly lighter and layered. I had wanted to snip Nat’s hair too but tehpeng stopped me. Hah. IMG_8210

We didn’t plan anything for the weekend (what I mean is, roadtrips. Hah) and we did something we likely wouldn’t have done back in SG – we had our dinner picnic-style on Sat with 2 other families, at the park by the Coast. The children had fun running around and snacking (and not eating the proper food). There were birds and squirrels everywhere as our companions and one even ran off with a piece of cucumber!



As for something frivolous, I bought this pair of nude platform heels and liked that they added some inches to my height. I don’t usually wear heels this high and it has been a while, since I’ve mostly been in flats while here…so, it took some getting used to too, for me.


Onto photos of the week!

May 6 – Broken :: One down, 2 more to go before I call maintenance. ;)


May 7 – Something beginning with F :: Farmers’ Market every Tues. More produce now which means it’s more crowded too!

Actually, we have a Farmers’ Market every day in a week, in different locations/cities near our area but somehow we’ve only visited the one in our downtown. Love seeing the produce though the foodcarts is nothing to shout about. Perhaps we should visit the other markets. 


May 8 – Shape :: Handprints make a flower. My 1st Mother’s Day card from her. She gave it to me and proudly said “I made for you, mummy!”

She is a sweetheart. And a terror at the same time. Or when she’s not a sweetheart. Haha. 


May 9 – Snack :: A simple easy breakfast of baked eggs with turkey ham, mushrooms and cheese. Eaten with toast bread.

This is like the Western version of soft boiled eggs. Haha. 


May 10 – Star :: A playdate for the children to end the week. New friends for me.

I arranged a playdate with a US-Koream mum and her 2 children as they are going to be posted to SG soon and they want to find out more about SG-living. I had a good time exchanging views and talking about my homeland and inevitably, shopping is our main topic. ;) And yes, the children do call her “umma”! 


May 11 – Smile :: The weekend racer (in the right tee) & his cheerleader!

When these 2 are not fighting, they are best pals. This is sibling love. I hope they continue to look out for each other and seek advice or help from each other as they grow up. I know I have a shelf life as their “go-to person” so I hope they will be each other’s. 


May 12 – Mother :: Me as mum of 2 and my mum (before babysis came into our lives). I never knew it was that tough to be a mum. My mum made it looks so easy. Thank you Lord for these 2 blessings and I pray everyday to be a better mum for them.

Of course, I miss my mum more this day. I ordered flowers for her and she had a surprise when it was delivered. She even asked the delivery guy – who sent her flowers! LOL. 



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3 thoughts on “Photo a day :: May 6 to 12

  1. D

    love your new shoes! i love shoes & bags in nude leather! too bad i rarely have a reason to wear nice shoes here.


    lilsnooze Reply:

    D :: Nude is an easy colour to match, another staple colour beside black.



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