Photo a day :: Apr 29 to May 5

The weather turned really warm this week and it went as high as 30degC. It was back to familiar weather for us (we can go without jackets!) and a heatwave advisory was issued. LOL.

Can I marvel again at the pretty wild flowers that are growing everywhere?

Tehpeng has discovered photos on magnetic sheets and has done up a new photo nook (with a magnet board) in the house. I think we are going to have more of these and ship it back to yveonloft.


I finally decided to get back to the library routine and brought the Nats to the library after school. I was surprised they were rather well behaved, even if they did not let me have much time to select my books. We went home with a stack of books and one of them was “The Garden with Van Gogh” which was interesting, featuring short poems for Van Gogh’s famed artwork. The book was also good for me, as an introduction to the works. HAH. I was pleasantly surprised when Nat could point out Starry Night to me on the mailer, a few days later.


Nat came home from school with a plant-ling (which he said was pumpkin!)and we got down to planting it in our little barren plot of land in the front yard. The weeds were cleared away few weeks ago, by the maintenance people. Actually, the front yard is taken care by the housing management while we take care of the backyard. But the backyard proves too fruitful (too much growth!) for us to do anything. While Nat and tehpeng got down to re-planting, Min was scattering sunflower seeds. Let’s see if anything grows…


I used to print Sesame Street colouring pages for Min to doodle/colour then I discovered I can get the colouring activity books for $1. So, it was a no-brainer to get the books instead. I tear out the sheets indiviually and let her have a go at it. This particular afternoon, I thought to guide her in doing matching. I knew visual matching wasn’t going to be an issue for her so I guided her hand in drawing the lines. To my surprise, after guiding her twice, she could do a whole page on her own – I was very surprised by the almost-straight lines she did. I was all ready for curvy wavy lines really.


I bought a pack of animals-matching game cards and we had alot of fun with them where everytime someone gets a match, we cheer!  And Min won a few games!


We had so much fun with the animals matching cards, identifying them and finding their partners that I thought it will be a good idea to re-visit SF zoo. Afterall, it’s been a year since our last visit, How time flies! Min kinda knew she was able to brush the goats at the Children’s petting zoo and she loves seeing all the animals. At the snow leopard enclosure, she was able to identify it was “snow leopard”. Woh, even I was impressed, as was the lady standing next to us.


It was a beautiful day out, weather was just nice for us to walk around without a jacket. Totally worth the 2 hours drive up to the zoo.


We ended the day trip with a pit stop at our favourite outlet and came home with these (and more). Getting ready for walking in SG weather in our new flip flops.


To cap off the week, we took to Point Lobos State Nature Reserve, which was a mere 20 min drive away and walked the Cypress Grove trail. It was an easy trail that leads you through trees sheltering the pathway and rewarding you with a gorgeous view of the Ocean.



Onto photos of the week!

Apr 29 – What I wore today :: Totally giving our boots more airtime – wear them for morning school runs when it’s cold and chilly.

IMG_8026Apr 29 – Glasses :: Drinking tea from fine chinaware & dainty homemade snacks. Another brunch session with the ladies. So blessed & pampered.

Was invited to a local spouse’s house for brunch and was amazed by the spread and the set up. She made everything from scratch even though it was supposed to be a simple brunch session. So inspired to acquire nice tableware too. ;)  



May 1 – Bought this :: 有钱都买不到的popiah!

Again, very blessed to be invited to dinner at B’s house. Popiah!! 

IMG_8048May 2 – Morning routine :: To kick start the day…

Coffee for me and teh for me. Yakun tea powder, no less. ;)  

IMG_8081May 3 – This is really good – The weather was warm enough for a BBQ out in the yard!

The wives decided on a BBQ to end the weekdays and the husbands just went along and did all the grilling, in the yard. Haha. I made the beef kebabs and chicken with pineapple sticks. Wah. alot of time and effort to skewer them! It was a fun night and as usual, although we didn’t think we had enough food …there were more than enough food as usual. 

IMG_8100May 4 – In my cup :: Ice tea in the US is our version of teh-o-peng. Got to ask for sweetened iced tea or flavoured ice tea.

And there’s no such thing as sweetener for Iced Lemon Tea. 

IMG_8109May 5 – Paper :: Appreciate the kids menu which double up as colouring activity. And impromptu writing practice. :)






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