Photo a day :: 11 to 17 March

It was a week of having our friends with us and besides exploring the area, they also have a front row seat to our family-life (or drama!). You know you are comfy with your friends when you hold no bars in your usual interaction with your children, even in the middle of the night when #2 is, as usual, in her woke-up-but-cant-get-right-back-to-sleep-mode and I’m in a Im-very-sleepy-so-please-get-right-back-to-sleep-NOW mode. ;)

While Eye_deas showed them the sights, I showed them my…shopping haunts in the ‘hood. :) Right up my alley yeah.


Bought a scarf and wore it immediately, trying out a new style…liking it so far.

I also surprised myself by driving them, on my own without tehpeng for the first time, to Gilroy outlets (45 min drive) for a spot of shopping.


After 3 hours…half the loot is not mine!

I also got back to pole class, after a 3 months hiatus, and it was refreshing to be doing something that doesn’t relate to being a mum at all. While I have MOPS and bible study, these sessions inadvertently veer towards parenting or our children. While at pole class, there’s no chatting, just trying to figure out the moves. Heh, you know what I mean. And there was a gorgeous sunset after class (thanks to Spring Forward!).IMG_7336

Ok, onto photos of the week!

Mar 11 – Important :: Me & tehpeng

Our roles as parents often overtake our role as partners to each other. I am guilty of that, especially now that Im home all day, after giving to (and being demanded by) the Nats, all I want to do after they are in bed is to…just do my own thing and be left alone. I call it my “cave-time”. I was reminded at the MOPS session this week about strengthening the wife-husband relationship through respecting and giving which leads to more love.  That’s what it is in a nutshell and I’m omitting alot of details but suffice to say, we ladies were all inspired by the talk. ;)

IMG_7310Mar 12 – in the distance :: Silver_crv trying to take a shot of …sunset.

IMG_7323Mar 13 – Sound :: …of students playing in the school grounds. There was no school bell today as there’s a power outage!

I first received a msg from eyedeas who were in the vicinity of Nats’ schools that there were fire trucks and police cars which were causing a huge jam. I swear, my heart stopped and I thought – what could have happened!? It appeared to be traffic issues. Then, I received a call from the school district. Over here, the schools or district have a calling-tree system to inform parents of issues. I was informed that it was a power outage which affected the area. I was in the midst of the ladies bible study but I was distracted. I made a call to Min’s school and found that they were out of power since 9am (it was already 10.30am when I received the info). I decided to pick her up early from pre-school, swung by to check in on Nat and was assured by the school admin that lessons could still go on. It was an interesting morning.

IMG_7331Mar 14 – Tasty :: Introduced this to silver_crv, who was my shopping kaki for the morning!

IMG_7347Mar 15 – Explore :: Silver_crv off to explore on his own.

Actually, it’s to return to the mall for more shopping!

IMG_7359Mar 16 – 9 o’clock :: A late start to the day, just cos it’s the weekend. Breakfast, while the (big) boys watch their soccer game and the small boys & a gal play on the ipad.

I was the last to wake!Huh huh huh.

IMG_7377Mar 17 – Green :: That green against the blue is just gorgeous! And not many people were wearing green today, actually.

It’s St Patrick’s Day and Nat heard the story about the leprechauns and the pot of gold and rainbows in class. He was most pleased with the gold choc coins and even more pleased I allowed him to eat one, a day. Heh. (Yes, I am still particular about food they eat!)


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