Photo a day :: Mar 4 to 10

The “chief” of the SG kampung here mentioned at our CNY lo-hei gathering that “he was more Singaporean than when he was back in SG”. And indeed, how true it is. As evident from how we all tried to recreate local dishes that we miss. This week, the ladies had mee-siam for lunch, made from Prima Taste prepack. And you know, I don’t even order that often in Singapore. I usually prefer mee rebus (Yes, I have a few packets of this in my stash!heehee).

IMG_7249I had a craving for something chocolate and I made these choc pastry puffs for an afternoon snack. Put dark choc chips (I use Ghirardelli) and a slice of strawberry onto frozen puff pastry, bake in oven as instructed and tadah! A nice choc dessert which hit that right spot.


After one year of West Life, we welcomed silver_crv and family here for their holiday. It was really nice of them to come for a visit. :) We brought them to Napa Valley for the weekend and while we dind’t visit any winery, we all had a good time just being out in the gorgeous weather and catching up. And yes, hello Kara’s cupcakes and Bouchon bakery (oh my the beef brisket sandwich was…IWANTOHEADBACKTHERETOEATAGAIN!)

IMG_7293And it was nice to let the children run free and explore…

556955_10151349853126379_256310169_nGorgeous weather means more photo opportunity and we had more polaroid love, thanks to Eyedeas! I’m so blessed, only need to pose for photos. Heehee. ;)


Spring is almost here (officially on Mar 20) and the blooms are already adding their colours to the landscape. It was simply beautiful and the children had fun running in the fields of gold.

644179_10151349857916379_495894464_nCannot resist another rare couple shot, by eyedeas. ;)


Onto photos of the week!

Mar 4 – Lucky :: Granola as 2nd brekkie after she ate a slice of kaya bread. A nice change to see your tot eat heartily.

Oh, I remember the days when Nat was a reluctant eater. But oh well, each child comes differently, packed with different challenges. :)


Mar 5 – Under :: Special entrance for the tots!

Brought the Nats out on my own, in the afternoon to the local children’s museum. Basically a big indoor play room (think more like a humble version of Kidzania) where the children can role play in different real-life situations such as hospital, farm, theater, construction, ambulance etc. It wasn’t a big place but it makes for a good place to spend an hour indoors. And it was a special $2 entrance that day for the month.

IMG_7245Mar 6 – Chair :: Sitting down for fruits after dinner

IMG_7257Mar 7 – Fear :: Huge portion = 不怕吃不饱,只怕吃不完!

Breakfast at Denny’s – huge omelette, with hash and toast!


Mar 8 -  Favourite :: The $1 aisle at Target, full of random cute items.

Just like the random items placed at the cashier (termed as impulse items), these aisles greet you as you enter and you momentarily forget about your shopping list and add more items to your trolley.


Mar 9 – Faceless self portrait :: The new TB flats are comfy. Spring is here. Hello flats, goodby boots.

And so happens babysis who has the same pair of flats, was also wearing them! Talk about sisterly telepathy. She is like my…mini-me. HAH.

IMG_7287Mar 10 – I want :: …to remember everything and to slow down time please…

With each passing day, I’m a day nearer to heading home…


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