Photo a day :: Jan 28 to Feb 3

The week has been about settling my parents and sister in and showing them around the ‘hood. It was nice to eat my mum’s cooking after so long! Even Nat has a better appetite! :)

It was also the week where the MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) sessions resumed and a few other SG spouses joined in too. I made a simple scrub which was simply sugar mixed with olive oil and lemon juice. Bottled in a nice mason jar, methinks it makes a great gift idea!

I also joined a Women’s Bible Study group, which started this week. This was something that I’ve thought of doing and was amazed that on the same day a few weeks back, 2 fellow spouses asked if I was keen to join Bible Study group. I take it that it was a prompting for me to really take action and join one, and so I did. :) The ladies at my group are mostly mothers of teenagers and I am looking forward to learning more from them and listening to their parenting experiences!

We headed to Vegas towards the end of the week. My first trip to Vegas was 7 years ago and I recalled I was awed by the lights of the city. Now, as I return with my children (and older), I find it too loud, too bright. I am still awed by the Bellagio Fountain though.


The favourite part of the trip was when we drove out to Grand Canyon. Enroute, we stopped by Hoover Dam.


Me and the children are all in stripes!

When we finally reached Grand Canyon, after a 4hr drive, it was around sunset and the setting sun really highlighted the colours of the Grand Canyon.534953_10151287740241379_593879564_n

The children (ok, all of us were!) were most pleased to see snow (yeah, it was cold!). Soft fluffy snow next to the trail! The next morning, we went back for some snow play and to see the Canyon again. It was a beautiful morning, with clean fresh crisp air.

It was a beautiful morning, with clean fresh crisp air.

Love the cloud formation


She’s now a pro at snow-throwing!


Just love to see his smile.

Compared to the last we visited where we sat perched at the edge, we stood a distance away this time. Aged, we have. ;) 44301_10151287759556379_2124922139_nNever thought we will be able to visit this part again and we truly thank God for this opportunity.

Onto photos of the week!

Jan 28 – through :: Snowmen adorn the windows which I peep through to look at Nat. ;) The one on the top left is his!


Jan 29 – Grow :: A larger than life $100 bill to commemorate the 100th day in school, for Nat.

I really like that the school celebrates little achievements along the way, even something like the 100th day in school. It’s apparently celebrated in other elementary schools as well as I heard from another local mummy that her daughter had a huge celebration! Of course, there was accompany activity – count to 100! Each student had to bring 100 of an item. We decided on 100 cheerios and it was perfect for teaching Nat that 10 rows of 10 makes 100.


Jan 30 – Down :: Full of antics when eating dinner, planking on the bench!

After turning 2, tehpeng and I found that it’s as if she has an “upgrade of an OS within her” (huh huh huh). Min is so much more vocal and talkative and full of antics now. She’s more initiative in striking up conversations with us & asking us questions. She’s also more affectionate now, throwing us hugs and “I love yous” often. Her independent fiesty character is certainly becoming stronger.

IMG_6730Jan 31 – Yourself :: My mum fried beehoon for brunch. So yummy. I can’t fry it as well myself. Dad said it’s many years of experience , I’m just a noobie. ;)

IMG_6743Feb 1 – Fork :: Got to love an independent hearty eater!

IMG_6761Feb 2 – Pattern :: As we walk up the trail in the crisp morning air, this view greeted us.

IMG_6795Feb 3 – Something beginning with “E” :: Entertainment for Min on our 1 hr flight back. Only needed to break it out for the last 15 min, she was quite entertained by snacks and a new colouring book.


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