Photo a day :: 21 to 27 Jan

It was a quiet sort of week and one afternoon, the Nats and I spent a short time by the lake watching the ducks, while we were waiting to pick tehpeng from school. I remembered it very well cos both of them were just sitting next to me on the bench and I didn’t have to watch out after them. So, it was a chillax time, just sitting back and observing the ducks. I should make this a regular activity and bring some bread along for the Nats to feed the ducks.

There were many different types of ducks that afternoon.

There were many different types of ducks that afternoon.

It was also the weekend where my parents and sister arrived for a three-week visit, so we spent the weekend in SF. We brought them to the usual spots – Suasalito, Golden Gate Bridge, Chinatown and Pier 39. The weather was gorgeously sunny over the weekend.


To me, being in SF really means being able to have good ole HK-style breakfast! And buying green leafy veg at Chinatown. ;)


Porridge and 奶茶。So good!

Notably, it being our nth time at SF and Pier 39, it was our first time seeing naked guys. And 2 of them, at that, strolling alongside one bicycle, coffee in hand as if it was just a normal day for them (Well, maybe it was!).

We also finally managed to get the tickets to Alcatraz Island (there is a limited number of cruise tickets available and these sell out pretty fast so it is advisable to book them online prior) and paid a visit to the notorious “Rock” known to house bank robbers and murderers. Before we reach the cellhouse, there was  a comfortable 13-storey climb up the hill…

554473_10151255965566379_434445058_nBoth tehpeng and I opted not to do the audio-tour as we knew the children would need our attention more, and walked around randomly. The interior was just as how prisons are depicted in TV shows (aka Prison Break).


It was actually Min’s birthday..and we brought her for a prison tour. What a memorable way to spend it!

We also took the opportunity to explain to Nat that this was a place where people will end up, if they do wrong things. It’s a teachable moment, I guess. 155075_10151255965681379_1457515256_n

Min turned 2 on Sunday but we decided to do the cake & song thingy on Monday after our return from SF.I baked the vanilla butter cake on Sunday night and did the lemon buttercream frosting on Monday afternoon. I was inspired to have the “carousel” theme for her birthday cake and was ambitious enough to google DIY cake topper options but I ended up ordering it online instead. I think Min was more interested in the cake topper than the cake! Still, I’m most pleased she loves it. Blessed birthday my little one!

It looks like Nat's birthday instead. LOL. My boy is always ready for the camera!

It looks like Nat’s birthday instead. LOL. My boy is always ready for the camera!

And this marks my 3rd birthday cake baked for the family. ;) IMG_6707

I’m aching to try Corsage’s Celebration Choc cake, but no one else in the family (except babysis) hearts choc as much as I do.

Onto photos of the week!

Jan 21 – What you do :: I’m a wife and a mum, wanting to create 家的感觉,with my 家常便饭. Just like how my mum did it for me. (This is a simple beef beehoon in black bean sauce for lunch today)

IMG_6605Jan 22 – Corner :: Nat doing the writing exercise in the corner, on his own. With no excuses given or any whining or fuss. A FIRST! This is better than striking Toto, I tell you.

I think most mums with figdgety preschoolers will attest to this and I’m sure it will be an interesting list/read if there ever was a #excusesmychildgivestoescapehomework.

And for some reason (Thank you God!), Nat has been pretty consistent in doing his daily worksheets from me (just simple writing practice) after he returns from school before he gets his playtime. I am extremely thankful, as this makes it painless for me. Huh huh huh.


Jan 23 – Electric :: Broke out the humidifier for the dry air. Min woke up the other night, asking “Whats that?”.

I guess it can be quite scary to see illuminated green smoke when you wake. Huh.


Jan 24 – Stripes :: 一二三…by Nat. Yes, we are still working on 1-10!


Jan 25 – landscape :: Built this for Min (so fun,I wanna buy more!) and she said “Squirrel eating cereal and watching ipad”. Riiiight.

IMG_6666Jan 26 – Together :: My parents and sister are here! Missing babysis.

IMG_6695Jan 27 – Sun :: Gorgeous sunny weather to be out at Pier 39 and to visit Alcatraz.



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