Photo a day :: 14 to 20 Jan

What a week it has been. The flu bug hit our home and we were pretty much indoors for the week.  It was refreshing to head up to Yosemite for the weekend, to give our snow suits another run.


We parked at the roadside for snow play. Hah.

We had a cottage room which was set amidst snow and tall trees. It was indeed an experience, like what I’ve read from books about heading to a ski resort. Hah.


We were very thankful for the weather which was unusually warmer and it was comfortable enough for us to enjoy some snow-play. This also meant that the snow has somewhat melted and turned icy (like ice kachang), no longer the soft kind which we can lie on to make snow angels.

Nonetheless, we all had a go at tobogganing, our first experience. And it was fun!


Going down with Mummy (yes, notice my horrified look!)


Finally on his own, after a few tries with us.

It was indeed a memorable weekend. Hopefully, we get another snow-fun weekend before bidding goodbye to Winter.

Onto photos of the week!

Jan 14 – Something yellow :: My swiss roll which ended up as a sponge cake with jam instead, cos it was too thick to roll. Heh.

No matter, cos tehpeng liked it(always my fan). My Home Econs teacher would have been proud of me. Though I have little memories of it, it seems most females remember making a swiss roll in class. Hah.


Jan 15 – An ordinary moment :: Another day, another school run.

Yes, I do love the space of our van.


Jan 16 – Two things :: More than two things for our weekly brunch with the ladies.

It’s always a feast with the ladies!


Jan 17 – Ready ::…for the long night ahead.


Jan 18 – Shadow :: Lying in the dark for the nth time, comforting Min to sleep. The cough wakes her up often and she cries for me – “Mummy, sleep here,” she says.

Nasal congestion is such a bug bear for adults, can imagine it’s worse for little ones.

IMG_6568Jan 19 – Delicious :: In room dining. Chicken vegetable soup is best for cold nights. And yes, this order is for our whole family.

Being at a resort means you get limited food choices. We had a late lunch thus the sharing of one side and an entree. Though by now, we have also learnt, we can actually share an entree (huge portion!) and be satisfied!

IMG_6600Jan 20 – Something you saw :: Snow-scape view from our cottage in Yosemite.


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