Photo a day :: 7 to 13 Jan

It’s school week, which also means almost back to regular programming for us. It’s also the last week of tehparents’ stay with us. Time really flies and just like that, a month of their stay was over. We were really blessed to have them spend Christmas and NYE with us.

One morning, tehmum made beehoon for breakfast. Ah, it was nice to have a meal on the table that was not prepared by me. Haha. ;)


A typical Singaporean breakfast which we miss. What’s missing will be the fried egg and fried luncheon meat. Haha. What’s your favourite accompanying sides?

We brought them on a drive down to Big Sur on the morning of their departure. Along the way, we saw a huge full rainbow, stretching from the horizon. It was beautiful.

A beautiful reminder of God's grace and promise.

A beautiful reminder of God’s grace and promise.

Tehpeng and I also managed to catch a movie – Jack Reacher! On our own, thanks to tehparents for staying home with the Nats. It has been awhile since we caught a movie in the theaters. I’m glad it was a movie worth our “one shot” [pun fully intended;)] .

A date with Tom Cruise!

A date with Tom Cruise!

The weekend was colder than usual and it dipped to -1degC on Sunday. That morning, the grass patch outside our place was covered with frozen dew, giving it a white blanket cover. I didn’t manage to catch a shot but it was a rare sight in our area (which doesn’t snow at all).

Jan 7 – Street :: 3G clean up!Afternoon activity for the day.

Tehparents helped us to clean up the front and backyard. It is now visibly much much neater. Heh.

IMG_6463Jan 8 – Something beginning with “T” :: A lil bit of tranquility at the lake near tehpeng’s school while waiting to pick him.

Every semester is a new schedule for tehpeng and this means, we have to make adjustments to daily routine to fit school runs for both boys. ;) There’s a small window of time between picking Nat and tehpeng so I brought tehparents to chill at the lake and let the children run for abit.

IMG_6475Jan 9 – paper :: Our weekly paper and plastic recycling.

Admittedly, I am more conscious of separating the thrash here. There is a separate recycling bin for every household. Hope this habit will continue back home and it will also influence the Nats.

IMG_6479Jan 10 – one o’clock :: Took a drive down south to Big Sur and 17-mile drive in the morning, all before dropping tehpeng in school at 1pm.

IMG_6492Jan 11 – Water :: Steamboat hits the right spot on a cold winter night!

The steamboat set was passed down from the previous batch and when we feel like “steamboating”, this set will make its appearance. It was a good night of fellowship with some SG families. As usual, there’s too much food on the table.

IMG_6514Jan 12 – Surprise :: Drove 1.5hrs for our SG-MALĀ  food fix. No surprise what is our must-order item!Roti canai at USD3 a piece. Hah.

IMG_6528Jan 13 – Circle :: Lunch of fish tacos. So happens all the condiment dishes were circles!



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2 thoughts on “Photo a day :: 7 to 13 Jan

  1. D

    indeed! so nice to wake up and seeing cooked food on the table! my favourite accompany side for bee hoon is…. congee. a little weird for a singaporean, but i’ve been influenced by my friend from HK in the last few years and its been sorta a norm for us nowadays.



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