Napa, in Fall

Napa would never have been featured in our travel list, if not for Eyedeas and Clover. I am glad we went along with their plans to visit Napa and I am so thankful too that they sourced for family-friendly activities while planning the itinerary. It was a good Thanksgiving weekend of gastronomic delights, bubbly, shopping and great fellowship among the wondrous beauty of God’s Fall palette of colours.

Colours that make Fall

It started with a short nature trail walk at Petrified Forest.It was a peaceful walk among fallen Redwood Giants and it makes for good photography.

The next day, we started our winery tour proper but not before having lunch at Solbar, our first Michelin-star experience! Seated at the outdoor patio with the great weather, and tucking into plates prepared with fresh and local produce accompanied with champagne (yes the drinking starts before any winery tour!). Hmmm…

Let the wine tasting begin!

The first winery – Sterling Vineyard – started with an aerial tram ride which was a treat for the children (and us) where we had a stunning view of the Valley as it brings us up to higher grounds.

I love rides with a view!

We did the self-guided tour, where there were helpful signs to bring us from point to point . This was good as we could walk at our own pace, wine glass in hand, and the children has the freedom to run alongside us.

The second winery – Castello di Amorosa – is famed for its 13th century Tuscan castle on-ground. The wine cellar was very “dungeons and dragon-ish” and that added some thrill to the wine tasting. ;) It even had a small petting zoo of sheeps (very rare here, we see more cows or horses).

Day 2 started with breakfast at Bouchon Bakery. Our eyes were obviously more hungry than our tummies and we ordered alot of pastries and macarons. They were all delish!

Worth the Q…the pastries and huge macarons

The Fall foliage was so pretty that we had to take a short walk around Yountville town and capture some shots.

Me with my 2 side kicks

Finally a couple shot!

The last winery of the trip was to Mumm Napa, before another fabulous meal at Bistro Jeanty. Yes, there can be too many wine tastings but you can always hit us with good meals anytime where we order lots and lots of food to share. This is definitely the good thing with travelling with foodies Eyedeas&Clover.

Wine? No thanks, gimme the iphone

We were really blessed with gorgeous weather throughout the trip. The fog rolled in as soon as we drove out of Napa.

Napa with children is definitely do-able – wineries do not make you feel unwelcomed with children. There are some wineries which offer activity packs to children or even a juice menu for them. I enjoyed the trip, even though I’m not that hot about wines. Napa offers lots of good food choices, most of the resorts offer spa treatments and there’s also a small outlet for shopping as a break or time filler in between wine and dine. Definitely makes for a good getaway location!

Lovely lovely colours, created by God.


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