Photo a day :: Nov 26 to Dec 2

It was a  somewhat sluggish week, the result of having returned from a long weekend trip. It probably didn’t help that it was also a rather rainy week where the storms blew into the area. Again, we were thankful this was after our Napa trip. After a morning of rain one day, a whole arc of rainbow appeared in the skies. It was beautiful.

It was also the last session of my cake decor class and this was my project submission at the class. I thought it was a “cheater- version” with minimal flower decor but I realised it wasn’t easy to pipe the words! There’s level 2 to 4 for the cake decor class but I will not be continuing. I am glad to have attempted it (and have a Wilton “Thank you for your participation” kind of cert to prove it!) and know that I can somewhat do some cake decor but I know I won’t be using these “new-found” skills often. Probably 3 times a year, for Tehpeng’s, Nat’s and Min’s birthdays.

Keep calm and eat cake!

I had another try at cooking the whole pomfret. The last time, a fellow SG spouse showed me how to clean the fish. This time, I cleaned it out on my own. *go me*. I tried a pan-fried version with caramelised onions (thanks to Happycall, it was almost fuss-free!) and I very much prefer this to steamed. ;)

The fish, drowned in onions.

There are no weekend sightseeing/roadtrip adventures as tehpeng needed to study for upcoming exams and so, the adventures are contained to…the kitchen instead. We bought lobsters from an Asian mart which brings in  seafood weekly and by this, I mean, Asian type of seafood, like snapper, whole salmon, salmon belly, salmon bones, milk fish, etc. The lobsters were the same price as the prawns at $4.99/lb, to my surprise! We had them in two ways, as prepared by Chef Eyedeas!

With Tarragon champagne sauce.

Cheese baked!

As what bff Dada said, “lobster is always good and anything cheese baked is the best! So cheese-baked lobster is the ultimate!”. She was right. We might have prepare this again! ;)

Onto photos of the week!

Nov 26 – In my cupboard :: My messy pantry.

And I thought I had alot of space when I first shifted in! 

Nov 27 – tree :: The little tree just right in front of my kitchen window, gives me some privacy at the sink.

Nov 28 – Vehicle :: The children and I sat down on the kitchen floor and had a raisin oatmeal cookie each, and they wanted to play with their cars at the same time. Just as I was about to prepare dinner.

I don’t know if my children are the only ones who seem to always need me to be with them, when they are playing. I supposed this is a good thing as my presence is valued! I have to admit, it gets to me some times when I just want to be able to finish a household  task at hand without having to answer to their wants for the nth time.  

Nov 29 – Big :: …project of putting up the Christmas lights decor.

The fun thing of having space (a small lawn!) and access to relatively-affordable lights decor (hullo, coupons!). 

Nov 30 – On the wall :: Nat’s award of achievement for Math deserves a space on our fridge, yah? The school celebrates little achievements each trimester, it seems. There’s awards for perfect attendance, best leader, model citizen etc.

We went for the short and simple award presentation and it was definitely a proud mummy moment! We had no idea what award he was given and neither did he beofre the ceremony and it really came as a surprise! *tears well up in the eyes*

Dec 1 – 8 o’clock :: Bedtime-glamping, make-shift tent and complete with ipad entertainment.

The children gets 10 minute ipad time before we do story time, prayers and it’s lights out. For the weekend, daddy decided to make it more fun with the make shift tent and we all tried to sleep in the guest room (where we had 2 double beds put together). Unfortunately, min could not get to sleep and we had to adjourn back to their room, much to Nat’s disappointment.

Dec 2 – Peace :: The week madness melts away as we settle and worship in church and listen to His word. And bonus too that the Nats are dropped off in Sunday school during the 1-hr service. ;)

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2 thoughts on “Photo a day :: Nov 26 to Dec 2

  1. gimmeamuffin

    For the longest time ever, I never fry a whole fish (though D loves it very much, more than steamed) because I hate to clean up the oily splatters. So glad to have the HCP!


    lilsnooze Reply:

    gimmeamuffin :: Exactly. Back in SG, I have to put a lid over the pan, but I still have to uncover and flip the fish!



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