Counting down to Christmas

After Thanksgiving, we have entered into the season of “Advent” (Latin word for “coming”). Yes, it’s countdown to Christmas.  Am I the only one thinking that time is really flying by?

It is fast getting festive around here. Just last weekend, the resort which we stayed in  Napa had a tree lighting ceremony and I believe there are a few of these in our area too.  Christmas songs have started playing over the radio.

The neighbourhood has also quickly put up the festive lights and decor and we got into the act too, since this will be our only Christmas spent here. We inherited some lights from the previous batch of seniors and after a shopping trip to Michaels for more, we now have a lighted decor scene on our front lawn, which we share with our neighbours Eyedeas&Clover. :)

The reindeer moves its head left to right!

I bought this 3D foam tree sticker set for the children and it was our afternoon activity yesterday.

I love such sticker sets

I also wanted to do something new and different this year, and introduce the Advent calendar in the family. The calendar basically contains reminders that Christmas is coming – it could contain notes, activities or crafts to be done each day till Christmas.  I see Advent calendars sold here (all so pretty!) and there are also plenty of DIY ideas and printables online (all seem so nice too!).

I wanted something bible-based because He is the reason for the season and it’s also a good reminder for myself too. I had wanted to use this calendar to teach the true story of Christmas, complete with bible passages and accompanying items to help children remember the story. However, as we are going to be travelling around that period, I wanted something more handy and travel-friendly.  And I found it at Aholyexperience – a family devotional that has accompany ornaments for the children to colour and hang onto a Christmas tree and activities for each day. Did I also mention that the blog author is a homeschooling mum to her 6 children!? Amazing huh.

We started today and found the devotional a little too “cheem” for the young ones but after reading through, tehpeng simplified the message for them. I guess it’s never too young to start them on devotionals. :)


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