It’s the season of giving thanks

We have entered into the season of Thanksgiving, which is less than a week away. While we do not celebrate it, it is a perfect opportunity to help Nat to learn about being thankful.

This was a little project from Nat’s school, for him to “reflect” on what he is thankful for.

I had to write it for him as he sprang it upon me on Monday morning that it was due on that day. I thought I had some time for him to write and decorate it. Ah well. I wrote what he said. :)  There’s so much to be thankful for and I am glad he chose to be thankful for family, for us. And this pretty much sum up the blessing from this stint in US, being able to spend alot of time together as a family unit.

While we do not have much, we do not lack and there is definitely room for us to give. It is also a time to share our blessings as we have been blessed so much.

Two weeks back, we put together items for Operation Christmas Child shoebox gift. We went on a Target trip and told Nat that he was to choose items for a boy who needs basic essentials and toys. We filled our cart with colouring book, crayons, flash cards, little trinket boy-toys, dental & hygiene products and a new set of long sleeve top and pants. We hope this box will give joy to the boy and bring a huge smile to him.

Yes, I’m indeed very thankful for everything that I have, who I am, who I’m with (family and friends) and where I am. I’m thankful for this time where I’m blessed to be able to take a break from work, spend time with my children, find my inner domestic-goddess-martha-stewart, and be on this great adventure together.

Being here is truly an experience and will form such a great memory in our lives. Not every day is rosy here. Other than the holidays and roadtrips, our everyday is really just a normal day where there’s school runs, meals to cook, chores to start(oh inertia is great), mess to clean up, fights to mediate, homeschool routine to see-through (without first losing my patience) etc. Our daily routine is what anchors us together and I believe will be a huge part of our USA memory.

What are you thankful for?


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3 thoughts on “It’s the season of giving thanks

  1. Willyn thoughtful and loving Nat is.. :-)
    Your family must be really a special one and each of you must be very lucky to have each other.. I just love seeing a happy and loving family :-)


    lilsnooze Reply:

    Willyn :: Thank you. I think spending alot of time together here helps alot!



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