Photo a day :: 5 to 11 Nov

It has been an eventful week. I went for a Wilton cake decorating class at Michael’s with a few of the SG spouses and the first lesson started on Monday. I had fun. In fact, I was amazed that I can do stuff like these!

The practice board to start us off…little flower gems

We also tried our hands at making the Wilton Rose.

It does resemble somewhat like a rose…

These new found “skills” of mine came in handy for Nat’s birthday! Yes, he turned 5 last week. 5! 

Anyway, I had ambitious plans for a Star Wars cake and when I googled around, there was no simple Star Wars DIY cake!All seem very elaborate. Yikes. And then, tehpeng very wisely told me that our son probably appreciates a real Star Wars toy more and any cake is fine as long as it’s baked by me.

He’s right. He’s always the “sane” voice. So I did the easy way out - printed some Star Wars images, coloured them in with Min and made them into cake toppers. Added in 5 aluminium foil stars, and 2 real Star Wars figurine cupcake toppers.

TADAH! Vanilla butter cake with lemon frosting upgraded! And Nat was very surprised to see the cake when he returned home from school. And that’s all that matters.

Had to use mini oreos to cover up my botched attempt at frosting the side of the cake. Hehe.

And of course, it was the week of the Presidential Elections and as the locals cast their votes, we kept ourselves updated via social media and live broadcast. There’s no public holiday declared for citizens to vote. I actually drove past a voting station on my way to Nat’s school and I didn’t even realise it was a voting station.

It was the long Veterans’ Day weekend and we did a trip down to Universal Studios Hollywood. Perhaps a separate post for this. ;)

Onto photos of the week!

Nov 5 – 5 o’clock :: Dinner cooked (crockpot FTW!) and all packed for the 1st cake decor class.

This was actually my first “night-out” or time on my own, being out on my own. And tehpeng fed them dinner and settled the bedtime routine. In fact, by the time I was home, the Nats were asleep! Best. 

Nov 6 – favourite :: Cupcakes have become my fav go-to for a sweet tooth fix. Choc, red velvet and poppy seed!

After the cake decor class, as if the frosting was not enough, I had cravings for cupcakes and made a special trip to get these at a local bakery before picking Nat from school. It’s my first time having poppy seed. I think the almond essence used was too overpowering, by the way. I should just stick to plain ole choc.

Nov 7 – Reflections :: From the KitchenAid. Finally breaking it out, to bake Nat’s birthday cake.

It.was.awesome. I can just stand and see it work its magic in creaming the butter. Ahhh, love.

Nov 8 – Something you do everyday :: Watch them grow. Today my son turns 5!

He’s such a darling, though he’s been really cheeky and playful (boys being boys), preferring play (or anything) over studying/writing/reading and it has really been a challenge. I am more concerned about his character and even at this age, I can see peer influence is already seeping its way into his behaviour. I can only pray that God continue to lead tehpeng and myself in parenting and guiding this precious boy of ours. 

Nov 9 – Small :: Mini turkey ham buns, for the road tomorrow!

Love that I can replicate neighbourhood-confectionary style buns here, with the tangzhong method. I use this as my basic bread recipe. And I use the bread machine to make the dough so I can just put in the ingredients and let it do its work while I do mine. I usually time it such that the dough is ready when the children are already in bed and I can start working on shaping the dough and baking. Nothing like the fresh aroma of baked bread in the cool night. :)  

Nov 10 – Can’t live without :: My tehpeng, who perks me up when I’m tired, calms me when I’m all-over-the-place. I’m so blessed. Sarang-eh!

Nov 11 – Night :: Awesome slurpilicious ramen at Jinya Ramen for dinner. The veg broth was yumms. One theme park meal is enough, thanks.

Yes, we are those who look for Asian food even when we do road trip. Comfort food, yes?  And this road trip, I was in foodie-paradise as we had dim sum and 2 Jap meals! 

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4 thoughts on “Photo a day :: 5 to 11 Nov

  1. gimmeamuffin

    I so need/or want to get the bread maker but the bulky size (price too!) is a big turn off and of course the fact that I can readily get soft buns from the local bakery makes me think twice.


    lilsnooze Reply:

    gimmeamuffin :: Exactly. I don’t think I will bake as much when I return. ;)


  2. Esther

    Hi Yvonne, I’m also here in the US and itching to buy a kitchen aid before returning to Sg. But I’ve read & been told not to because of the different voltage requirements. Would love to hear your thoughts! Thanks


    lilsnooze Reply:

    Esther :: From what I hear, just need to get a transformer. I think I will use the KitchenAid more often in US than when back in SG!



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