Stews for lunch

With nat going to school at around 11.30am, his lunch, or brunch (if he wakes late), takenĀ  at around 10.30am has to be something that is easy to whip up and easy for him to eat. Yes, he needs about an hour to prepare for school. Haha.

Being home means I can try new recipes for lunch. Other than the usual repertoire of fish porridge or fish slice soup noodle (mee sua or udon) which my helper can make, I’ve also tried making hearty simple one-pot dish such as chicken stew quinoa and chicken stew with macaroni (I deviated from this recipe and didn’t bake the stew, only did stove top cooking).

Today’s chicken stew lunch had more vege – pumpkin, zucchini, potaotoes, tomatoes. Another plus point about stew besides being easy to make – the vege will all become mushy goodness. Which also means a higher chance that Nat will just eat them up without spitting out or telling me “I don’t want vege”.

I like stews, which are such comforting goodness in a pot, don’t you agree?

I will miss having homecooked lunch when I head back to work.

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